The best place in the world for the birth and upbringing of a child - Finland

Save the Children has compiled a list of the most favorable and unfavorable States for the birth and upbringing of the child, reports the BBC. According to experts of the organization, the best country is Finland, and the second and third places are occupied by Sweden and Norway respectively. The worst place on the planet from the point of view of the birth of children is the Republic of the Congo.

When you assess the scientists took into account factors such as infant mortality, maternal health, income, and education. Just analyzed the situation in 176 world countries. For example, it was found that in India more than 300 thousand children die within days after birth, and this figure is 29 percent of child deaths worldwide.

The last ten places in the ranking is occupied countries of Tropical Africa. Here 30% of women die due to problems during pregnancy, and every 7th child dies before reaching the age of five. The main cause of death remains malnutrition: from 10 to 20 percent of mothers do not have a normal weight. As already noted, the last place is the Congo, and it is here that the main causes of all these troubles are poverty and war. For the Congo, followed by Somalia, Mali, Niger, Gambia, Chad, côte d'ivoire, etc.

Among the safest States in the first place is Finland, where the risk of death during pregnancy is 1 12200, and the education of a child lasts for seventeen years. The ten "best" also includes the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. By the way, USA is located just on the thirtieth place, as there recorded the highest death rate among infants in comparison with other industrialized countries: 11300 children die every year on his birthday. In addition, in the United States are born preterm every 8th child.

Not the best situation is indicated in the countries of South Asia, where every year on his birthday dies 423 thousands of children. In India recorded the highest death rate among mothers: 56 of thousands of women annually.

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