The best form of exercise is Jogging on rough terrain

American experts in the field of fitness found that running on rough terrain, including hills, is the best kind of training. That is, Jogging on treadmills at the stadium or in the Park thing of the past. These type of racing improves endurance runner, and develops his muscles more optimal way. This type of running is useful as a mountain, and mount. While running uphill develops speed, because the force of gravity increases the load on the muscles, that makes them work harder.

In addition, running uphill is a great way to prevent injuries. It is known that the knee is the most vulnerable part of the body of the runners. During this type of Jogging the load on them is optimal. In addition, there are benefits of running: the muscles of the upper torso is also involved. However, the runner becomes more robust, as well as develops the function of the lungs.

As for running from the mountain, then in this case the speed is evolving right before our eyes. It promotes the development of the hamstrings and quadriceps. When running from the mountain they are better trained and stretched, than if people fled out of the blue.

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Another advantage of running from the mountain: to reduce the risk of injury to feet. Muscles become stronger, and the load is distributed more evenly. When people run up, he get tired, and when running from the mountain it rests. At the same time, this holiday is active, as it still runs. And if you are running from the mountain to do some motion on the body, it is a great workout for the whole body, because at this time, improves the function of the spine, and the body becomes more flexible.

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