The benefits of red wine in question

In recent times, many scientists have embraced the idea of the usefulness of resveratrol along with other polyphenols present in wine. In fact, there is reason to doubt the connection is absolutely useless against metabolic disorders.

Therefore, when the regular consumption of wine in moderation is a risk that there will be cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, is not reduced and the life expectancy is not increasing, as previously considered. The reason for the inability to isolate the fault of the individual components, allowing you to use it without alcohol.

The staff at the University of Washington does not agree with the theory about the benefits of resveratrol as an independent substance. A group of specialists under the direction of Dr. Samuel Klein for 12 weeks tested resveratrol involving 29 women who have menopause. Volunteers were divided in two groups: control and those who took 75 grams of the substance.

As a result, although the concentration is increased, changes in metabolism are not marked, as in levels, which showed plasma lipids and markers of inflammation. The level of insulin sensitivity remained the same. It turns out that the connection does not work.

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