The benefits of massage for the back

Back every day experiences a large number of huge loads. The human spine bears the greater burden of the body, so the back has a very hard. Also, every woman knows that walking with heels also carries enormous damage to the back and spine, and lower back.

That massage is very useful for the human body, known to most people. But if you ask, what specific benefits of back massage, hardly anyone will give a definite answer.

Back massage stimulates and improves circulation, including the outflow of lymph tissue. With the help of massage, cells are fed with oxygen, and fabrics give the product of metabolism.

For skin massage has excellent stimulation of the glands, also displays a variety of toxins, improves skin elasticity, normalizes muscle tone and rebuilds the damaged fibers.

Most women, on the way home, run to the supermarket for groceries, then for sure in the morning you can feel not only the voltage but also the pain in the shoulder blades. This leads to the fact that the woman begins to slouch and hunch. So behind to be carefully monitored, not only to keep them healthy, but also to have a beautiful and graceful posture. The human spine has a huge impact on the health of the organism. If the back starts to ache, then the problem is not only the spine, but also the entire body. And this is becoming a huge problem that requires not only long-term treatment, but large investments.

Back massage helps to relax and relieve stress, relieve pain, and cheer. Massage can relieve swelling, fatigue, headaches, improve the functioning of internal organs and cheer up.

There are different types of back massage, you can do both at home and with the help of a therapist. A professional therapist will be able to make not only qualitative, but also a therapeutic massage. You can make a classic manual massage of the back, and you can do the massage using cans. The massage can be hardware - hydro, pneumomassage and vibration massage. Back massage video will help you to decide what kind of massage you need, and, of course, this will help determine a specialist.

Classic hand massage can be done in prevention. General massage includes not only stroking and kneading, but intense squeezing and sliding.

Also back massage can only be performed in certain segments.

With the help of cupping massage can achieve a warming effect, which eliminates swelling and scaling is also an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis.

Hand massage is more intense than the hardware. If a person has a disease such as sciatica or low back pain, massage technique should only be determined by the attending physician.

If a person has problems with the spine, scoliosis or for the prevention of massage should be done courses in 10 treatments, once every six months.

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