The benefits of honey for health and beauty

The nature that surrounds each person has a rich healing kit, which includes a variety of herbs, plants, and other products. One of the leading places in the list is the honey. It can be called a Treasury of vitamins and minerals and other valuable substances.

Active use of honey in the treatment and prevention of the human body began immediately after the opening of its medicinal properties. They rightfully are worthy of respect.

The composition of honey consists of 37 different macro - and micronutrients, they are transferred directly from nectar and retained even after crystallization. The percentage of these nutrients varies from 0.04 to 0.62%. Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, cobalt and boron, manganese and zinc - this is only a partial list of useful elements of honey.

Honey is used to treat a huge number of different diseases. So its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help to get rid of colds, viral diseases. Honey can eliminate the symptoms of immune deficiency, so it is used in digestive problems. Herpes, psoriasis, arthritis, eczema, hemorrhoids, eye disease, anemia - this is only a partial list of diseases, treatment of which is this natural gift.

Honey is also high-calorie foods. One hundred grams contains approximately CA. Due to this property, the honey began to be used as a fortifying agent that helps the body increase resistance to infections. If you use honey in combination with fish oil, it is an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the liver and gallbladder, the Union would do well with purulent wounds and burns.

The use of honey is known not only in medicine, it is widely used in cosmetology. This product can make masks, hold the wrap, add honey as a main component in a variety of solutions and mixtures. Many kosmetologicheskie companies use honey in their tools, for example the products of the Tentorium actively uses honey in various products for skin care, ointments and creams.

Honey not only has a softening effect on the skin of the face and body, it also saves it from dryness and flaking, and increases vitality.

Honey is best used in dissolved form, thus, useful components penetrate into the blood, cells or tissues much faster absorbed better and bring more benefit. However, it is worth considering that honey is allergic to the product. Treatment and prevention of the body they should be cautious, this will help to avoid negative impacts and other consequences.

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