The benefits of diagnosis and treatment of adenoma of the thyroid gland in Israel

Cancer is the most common disease in our time. Poor environment, poor water, constant stress cause negative formation in the body. Their appearance is almost impossible to determine at an early stage, so when the first symptoms you should contact the professionals. Diagnosis and symptoms of the disease thyroid Adenoma is a benign tumor that develops in the tissues of the thyroid gland. This body is responsible for hormonal growth and development, exchange of mineral substances, nervous and vascular system. The disease is hard to diagnose, as often the disease will be debited to other ailments. Among the symptoms are: - weight loss - anger, tearfulness, mood swings, weakness, drowsiness - palpitations as a result, the inactivity, the disease can affect other organs and cause severe irreversible damage. For diagnosis in clinics of Israel apply state of the art equipment. Among the ways to detect the disease there such as: • Ultrasound • blood on the content of thyroid hormones • Scintigraphy of the thyroid gland. For this purpose, is injected iodine in the human body, after which the picture is taken. In case of illness, it is clearly visible adenoma absorbing iodine excess amount • Biopsy of the tumor Computed and positron emission tomography. The first allows you to define the structure of the thyroid gland, the second to identify malignancy. All studies are conducted by professional, qualified diagnosticians. After visiting the doctor sends the patient for tests in the process, which is determined by the extent of the disease and methods of treatment.Treatment Treatment of adenoma of the thyroid gland in Israel is the best doctors that monitor the healing process throughout treatment. After diagnosis, the patient is going to surgery. In case of severe toxicity, is of preparative therapy, which suppresses the cancer. After removal of the tumor is performed histological analysis, if the secretory function is disturbed, the doctor prescribes the use of drugs as a replacement hormones. If the patient has arrhythmia, doctors are appointed means for the normal heartbeat. The elderly adenoma of the thyroid gland to be treated in Israel with radioactive iodine. It helps to destroy the accumulated iodine in the thyroid gland. This method allows you to avoid surgery, which the elderly tolerate difficult. The effect of the treatment occurs after several months. Treatment shall designate an attending physician who oversees the process of recovery of the patient. In clinics of Israel, you will receive competent, quality care. Professional diagnosticians, sophisticated equipment, the best specialists, all this allows not hesitate to trust my life and health. Oncology, gynecology, orthopedics and neurosurgery in Israel occupy the first place among all the world's specialized clinics. Here you will get personal service, professional assistance, and most importantly the prices of these clinics is significantly lower than in European hospitals.

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