The benefits of celery

Use celery was known to ancient peoples. This plant was widely used for treatment of various ailments and has always been in a special account at senior figures. Its unique properties in his writings described by Hippocrates, and Casanova was supported by celery your libido.

Modern medicine confirms the effectiveness of celery in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The vegetable mass of useful properties: tonic, rejuvenating, aseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cleansing, etc. In our country celery is used for cooking, in folk medicine and as a medicine.

Celery has a positive effect on many systems and the individual organs of the human body. It is difficult to calculate all of its unique healing qualities. Part of the vegetable is a large amount of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and amino acids.

A powerful complex of vitamins has a positive effect on the whole body. For example, vitamin group helps to stimulate the metabolic processes that control the level contained in blood cholesterol. B vitamins affect the vigor of a man and his mood, so eating celery will be of enormous benefit to people who do a lot of work and prone to fatigue. The vegetable also contains a lot of potassium.

Use celery shown with nerve disorders that are associated with fatigue. Regular consumption of this vegetable helps to slow down the aging process. This effect is achieved due to the high content of this vegetable, mineral acids and proteins.

Celery is useful for people with diabetes mellitus suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The vegetable can be an excellent prevention of cancer. It contains such substances, which are able to protect the body from the most dangerous carcinogens.

In folk medicine celery is used for normalization of metabolic processes, relieving headaches, treatment of high blood pressure, rheumatism, gout, diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to use for healing of ulcers, wounds, burns. Celery is used as an effective means of treatment for impotence. This miraculous vegetable is also a powerful pheromone that allows men to attract women's attention to his person.

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