The beneficial properties of red wine was powerless against obesity

Several earlier studies have shown that eating small amounts of dry wine has a beneficial effect on the human body condition in diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular diseases and even deafness. And Danish scientists recently conducted a study showed that obesity blocks all potentially useful properties of wine. Scientists from Denmark came to this conclusion after watching the state of health of 24 people who were suffering from obesity. The volunteers were divided into two groups, one of which received the resveratrol - an antioxidant that is contained in large quantities in red wine, to which it owes its useful properties. The second group received placebo.

Within one month, the researchers conducted an analysis of the participants of both groups in terms of insulin sensitivity, and also measured their blood pressure, cholesterol and energy. As it turned out, except for small changes in insulin sensitivity, other indexes of participants remained unchanged. Due to the obtained results, the Danish scientists wondered whether it is appropriate to use resveratrol as a nutritional Supplement.

But there are other, more optimistic opinion about the said matter. For example, Dr. David Sinclair from the medical school at Harvard, argues that because of this antioxidant in humans will be able to live up to 150 years. He and his team managed to prove that resveratrol has a powerful anti-aging effect as it stimulates SIRT1 protein which stimulates energy production in cells, thereby delaying aging.

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