The benchmark for world-class quality - Cuban health care

"The world Health Organization (who) officially recognized that the health care system of Cuba is the best in the world", - the newspaper writes Xinhua. As suggested by the Deputy Director General of who Dr. Anarfi Asamoa-Baah: "the Whole world is in this country still have a lot to learn.

According to the Deputy Director-General: "Cuba has the highest standards of medicine, which not only can, but just need to adopt as a model, no model for the development of the health system and in other countries of the world." These findings were presented during the meeting, which was attended by the who representatives in the capital of Cuba is Havana.

Experts also attracted by the fact that in the country all citizens and, moreover, free of charge, is a professional medical aid. They are also very impressed with the campaign, which aims to eradicate infectious diseases. In addition to maintaining the health of their state at the proper level, the cube is still employed in the field of training of foreign specialists and providing assistance to their colleagues in 32-bit and more countries around the world.

On ascertaining who, Cuba has made significant progress in the field of biotechnology by developing a cancer vaccine, and is engaged in the supply of medical goods order in 40 countries. Recall: Cuba previously announced that it would begin testing for human vaccines for the treatment of AIDS.

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