The belly fat myths and facts

A sure sign of the presence of excess weight are fat deposits in the abdominal area. In addition, the excess fat in the waist area are considered to be a major factor that increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Next, consider the basic myths about belly fat and present to your attention some little-known facts.

The belly grows from beer

Of course, the beer itself to grow huge belly incapable, but regular consumption of this high-calorie drink in the sucking with not traditional diet snacks (salted nuts, crackers, chips) will quickly take its toll. Increased waist beer lovers usually aggravated by high blood pressure, liver problems and other effects of alcohol in combination with unhealthy food.

Abdominal exercises and sit-UPS help from the "belly"

This statement is a true myth. If a person consumes more calories than he spends, the toned abdominal muscles so no one will see, they will remain hidden under a reliable layer of fat.

Do not take this information literally and completely abandon the exercise. Muscles, of course, need to strengthen, but additionally should think about sensible food.

To lose weight in the waist will help a whole-grain products

Products containing whole grains that really help to lose weight. They are low calorie, but help to preserve the feeling of fullness due to the high content of fiber. Whole grain products are now struggling with constipation and normalize the gastrointestinal tract.

There is a special diet that is capable of excess belly fat

Many believe that in order to remove fat from the stomach you need to follow a special diet. Actually, in reality, has a completely different principle. The fat goes first to those places where he was able to secede fastest. Because the majority of people faced with the formation of fat on the waist, it seems that they leave the stomach faster. Actually, there is no diet that would affect a single point, there is no similar exercises.

Belly fat carries more risk than other fat deposits

Unfortunately, it's true. Belly fat not only disfigures the shape, but also puts pressure on the internal organs. In fat cells that make up tissue located in the abdominal wall, produces hormones that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, thrombosis, cancer of the large intestine.

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To get rid of fat on the waist, you need to start the fight with being overweight in General: to normalize nutrition, increase physical activity, to cleanse the body. The only way to effectively get rid of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet.

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