The beginning of puberty depends on the environment and way of life – scientists

The process of puberty was even more difficult than previously thought. A specialist in the field of genetics have failed to find changes in DNA that are associated with the transition into puberty. Activity of some genes and characteristics of DNA methylation, as it turned out, you can say that you reached the person sexual maturity. The study reports the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

The science of epigenetics deals with the study of gene expression and the influence of this factor on different aspects of life. The only part of the genes carry some information and did not occur. Other genes with the slightest changes in activity can lead to serious failures. In the latest study, experts managed to find in the genome of the teen zone along with a changing body in puberty.

Special attention is drawn to the gene TRIP6. He, apparently, becoming a man plays a role. Scientists suggest that the gene expression is influenced by many factors, from hereditary to lifestyle and environment.

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