The beauty of the neck and décolleté

Phrases like "how in 40 look 25" now little surprise, but you can try, especially when you know little tricks to conceal their age. The main weapon will be the beauty of the neck and décolleté. Proper care of this delicate area will ensure success in "the little war for the youth".

So, this will require special care cosmetics (you can use traditional recipes), a little time and patience.

Since the skin of the neck and neckline very thin and delicate, it is recommended to use cosmetics with special markings ("neck", "neck", and so on). It is composed of specific vitamins, hialuronowy acid and collagen (responsible for skin elasticity).

As elsewhere, care begins with cleansing. There may be several options:

- regular washing with warm water treatment for face: we need only consider that the gels for oily skin should not use, should be neutral pH value;

- wash with special means for the neck and décolleté: this is usually the milk;

- contrasting washing: after warm water to hold the ice cube from the chest to the chin;

- in the evening cleanse can clean the skin dipped in sour cream with a cotton swab.

Tone the skin using vitamin soft tonic.

At the stage of hydration and nutrition can make for a relaxing massage neck & neckline: usually this light strokes from the center to the sides or from chest to chin. Using a moisturizer. Would be wonderful if the jar you see in the composition of grape seed oil, avocado or almond. To compensate for nutrient sensitive areas and well to use nourishing creams with fatty acids (for example, black currant) and antioxidants with green tea. The method of treatment is a little different from the usual: first, it applied a very thick layer on the skin and after 20 minutes, removed the napkin.

And a few words about the use of scrubs and peelings. The procedure of exfoliation should be every 2-3 weeks gentle means. The same periodicity is important to comply with different masks for the neck and décolleté.

The main thing in this case is not to overdo it and damage the tender skin! Success!

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