The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss

Most girls and women are often complex about her figure. This leads to the fact that women start to torture yourself with all sorts of diets, torture excessive physical exertion, but visible results not observed. At first glance it seems strange, but actually all is much easier. Such diet and exercise simply enters the body in a state of stress, depriving him of all nutrients and trace elements. How to lose weight? Let's investigate this question.

So, let's start with the fact that we define for ourselves the concept of diet and nutrition. Diet, as a rule, acts quickly and the need to respect all life is missing. However, this has its negative side. In fact, after leaving the diet, you go back to your normal diet and trying to enter the former weight. Moreover, often the diet is designed to quickly sciuti pounds due to the low content of calories, which leads in turn to a slowdown in metabolism. So after a diet you can gain much more weight than it was before.

We now turn to nutrition. It is based on sufficient intake of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is unacceptable to drink alcoholic and carbonated beverages, all sorts of sweets and fast food. Also proper diet should be balanced and should contain dostatochno number klekotki and unsaturated fatty acids. In large quantities it is possible to eat fruit and vegetables that are necessary Balasta for the digestive system.

Lose weight through proper nutrition can if you will eat as many calories as you spend. Naturally, remove fat without exercise is almost impossible. So not ogranicite itself in daily training, but do not overdo it. Eat right and everyone can, we just have to really want it. It is also important to realize that you have adopted the power supply system will serve you your whole life, not just for a couple of days. In this regard, it is important to work not only on their appearance, but also on the internal content. You must remember that proper nutrition is not a diet, but a lifestyle. The important thing is not how much weight you see on the scales, and how you feel.

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