The basic rules of hygiene of the skin

Hygiene of the skin is an important part of self care. Through proper hygiene, skin will stay healthy, young and beautiful.

In case of insufficient or inadequate nutrition, poor living conditions and labor may receive various dermatoses.

To skin disease does not arise, it is best to observe the rules of hygiene of the skin and reduce possible negative professional and domestic factors.

In order to maintain optimal skin condition in the first place it is necessary that the digestive tract to function properly, the power must be complete and balanced. If insufficient quantities of vitamins: PP, With, In, And perhaps the emergence or aggravation of certain skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis.

For cleaning the skin sebum, dirt, sweat, scales and microorganisms should always abide by the rules of skin care products. One of them is to take baths with a duration of not more than fifteen minutes, these baths are recommended to take at least once in seven days. A shower must be taken every day.

To keep your skin in good shape, it is useful to take a contrast shower, it helps to relieve fatigue and has a beneficial effect on the skin. Still a douche helps to improve blood circulation because the blood vessels periodically expand and contract. Take a shower, you should start with warm water, gradually increasing its temperature. After that, you must immediately pour cold water. Repeat the procedure two or three times and to finish it cool or cold water. You should avoid hypothermia, not to apply the bitter icy water.

Speaking of nails, do their best to wash with a brush once a week to cut and clear the space under the nail, using a special nagdecide. Do not neglect manicure and pedicure.

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The regular holding of these events will keep your skin clean, fresh and healthy.

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