The basic rules of buckwheat diet

There is an unspoken rule that you should not eat cereal in the diet, however, buckwheat diet is a pleasant exception. For example, you can lose up to 10 pounds of excess weight in 2 weeks by eating only buckwheat. Achieved at the expense of buckwheat diet, the results are impressive, it is not among the hungry diets.

As you know, the human body is gaining weight because of the carbohydrate content in buckwheat is minimal, but there are a large amount of protein. In addition, buckwheat contains amino acids, iron, and various vitamins (especially B group). Well absorbed by the body contained in buckwheat porridge minerals. These include calcium, phosphorus, various salts, iodine and oxalic acid.

The effect of buckwheat on the body

Doctors noted the beneficial effect of buckwheat on the intestine and the liver function. In addition, buckwheat helps to normalize cholesterol and gets rid of constipation. Some doctors prescribe a diet based on buckwheat in diseases of the abdominal cavity, osteoarthritis and various degrees of depression. It should be noted that buckwheat causes a prolonged feeling of fullness of the stomach, as it has long digestion.

Feeding on buckwheat diet

The basis of buckwheat diet is almost raw cereals, i.e. no need to cook. Just enough to fill buckwheat boiling water and wait until it overnight to absorb the water. As for proportions, for one Cup of buckwheat you need about two cups of boiling water. In the morning you can eat the first bowl of buckwheat, the main thing is that it did not contain salt and spices. If the porridge is too tasteless, you can add yogurt in a small amount. When this fat yogurt should not be more than one percent. In total, you cannot use more than one liter of low-fat yogurt throughout the day. Taking oatmeal will be more pleasant if you add a teaspoon of soy sauce.

During the buckwheat diet should not limit yourself in the water. This can be a non-carbonated mineral water or plain boiled water. Sometimes it is necessary to dilute diet low-fat yogurt or fresh fruit, if plummeting mood and buckwheat already not pleasing to the eye. However, maximum results can be achieved only if used buckwheat. And you must always remember that the last intake of cereals should be before the clock strikes six in the evening. Of course, in case of an irresistible hunger you can use yogurt as a glass shortly before bedtime does not hurt.

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