The "bad" cholesterol increases life expectancy, the study showed

You should not limit yourself to the consumption of fatty foods, scientists say. The human body requires and "useful" and "harmful" cholesterol. And last, as the study showed, increases life expectancy.

There are two types of cholesterol. Useful is high density lipoprotein. Harmful – low-density lipoproteins. Do not think that cholesterol is always bad. This connection is part of every cell in the body. Even cholesterol is not formed, a number of vital hormones.

Within the latest study, researchers found no relationship between elevated blood cholesterol and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, high cholesterol in the elderly slightly increases the chances to live longer.

But high cholesterol at a young age is a sure sign of disease, which is something you need to do. The first step is to settle a General practitioner and cardiologist.

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