The baby miraculously survived after spending 3 hours under a layer of sand

According to the publishing house "Russian news service" in Michigan city, Indiana, USA - a boy of six years spent three hours under a layer of sand. The incident occurred during a family holiday on the shores of lake Michigan, when the baby was playing near the great sand dunes. Suddenly the child was in a sand funnel, trapped under a layer 11 feet of sand in the air Plenum, and thus survived.

Parents immediately dialed 911 to summon emergency rescue service, which arrived within 15 minutes. Rescuers had not encountered similar cases, so first began to excavate the child's hands.

For three hours the rescue workers, firefighters and police have been working hard, to save the child. This was brought heavy equipment, including excavators. After the child managed to get, he was immediately taken to the Medical health center St. Francis, but after he was taken to a hospital in Chicago.

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Currently visiting the dunes remains closed until a full examination of areas of public services. The authorities claim that a ban on visits will continue until such time as they will be assured of complete security of tourists.

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