The average life expectancy in Russia is the lowest in Europe

62.8 years is the average life expectancy of men in Russia. Today this figure is the lowest life expectancy in Europe. These disappointing data are given in the annual report of the who health report 2012, published on its official website.

The highest index is marked in Israel. Life expectancy there is of 80.1 years. Not far behind Iceland, where men live on average 79,9 years.

Among women, the leading Spaniard with his 85 years, but less than all living women in Kyrgyzstan - 73 years. Russia with its average life expectancy for women in 74,8 years is in 42nd place out of 46 countries.

Also according to the report, 80% of all deaths in Europe occur due to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic obstructive diseases. Strokes and heart attacks become a cause of deaths more than 50% of the population of Europe in the age of 65 years. The leading risk factors remain tobacco and alcohol, which is 6.5% of all deaths.

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It should be noted that in December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly reported that over the past four years the average life expectancy in Russia has increased by 2.5 years and exceeded 70 years. In addition, 2025 life expectancy of citizens of the Russian Federation must achieve 75 years.

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