The average child in the family is the most successful

Although many parents are going to have not less than three children, fear that the average child will be unhappy because of lack of attention, scientists on the contrary came to the conclusion that it was the middle sibling achieve more in life and builds harmonious relationships. The average child has the most developed communication skills, in contrast to the more apathetic older or capricious younger.

Psychologist Catherine salmon believes that the average brothers and sisters have all chances to leadership in business, politics or science, for example Madonna and bill gates are middle children.

Middle children are also much more likely to remain loyal to their second halves, are more motivated to work for success. They used to be patient with childhood, they wait until the parents will gather in the way younger children or get them out of the car. They are patient and don't get annoyed by little things, as in childhood, when the youngest child roars at the table. This ability to patiently wait for her in the future brings them succeed.

It was also found that middle children feel less communication with their parents than their brothers and sisters and can easily get carried away by outside authorities.

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