The Appendix will remove through the mouth, and patients with kidney through vagina

Throughout Europe, the USA and the UK for over a thousand patients have been treated with a unique operation - the removal of the Appendix through the mouth. The doctors believe is much more useful to have surgery to remove some organs than to make incisions in the skin.

For example, the first woman who was removed appendicitis through the vagina, I had to take only paracetamol and fully operational returned to the third day.

Doctors have confirmed the success of the new method for removal of the gall bladder, patients with kidney, prostate. Even operation for semidestructive compression of the stomach to speed up the process of weight loss was carried out through the vagina, and then developed a method of doing it through the mouth.

Dr. Michael Sodergren uses a fiber optic cable with a camera on the end, such an endoscopic system allows to penetrate through the natural course in most parts of the human body.

Incisions inside the body heal much faster and less sick than the incisions on the body with a classic removal of the Appendix. In the wound gets less bacteria, reduces the risk of scarring and infection of the body, according to the doctors who are going to continue to promote a new surgical method.

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