The appearance of the child in British families causes changes in relations of spouses

British scientists conducted a study in which it was found that each 4th couple after the birth of a child beginning to think your partner is not so attractive as it was before. In addition, 63 percent of young married couples said that the birth of a child in the family has left a negative impact on the quality of their family life.

61 percent of young moms and dads said that they have differences in parenting his child, and only half of the respondents are willing to spend at least once a month in your leisure time with your family. In one third of the families was set to increase family quarrels after them was born a child. The study also found that 42 percent of women after childbirth lost their spouses appeal. And most of the young mothers were dissatisfied with the unserious attitude of their husbands to fatherhood.

In addition, the birth of a child affected the sexual life of spouses. Thus, more than 60 percent of the couples said that their family relationships have become worse, 28 percent were having sex once a month, 5 percent reduced the number of sexual acts to once per year, and 7 percent of young parents for a year never had sex.

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