The appearance of fatty deposits in the area of the abdomen can help to promote the development of cancer and heart problems

Boston scientists have conducted research into the effect of fat cells in the human body in General.

Using tomography, scientists have analyzed the fat in the belly area, and came to the following conclusions.

Based on the experiment that was conducted with the participation of three thousand volunteers, both male and female. All volunteers who participated in the study, which lasted about seven years, were aged about 50 years. The goal of the scientists was the observation of the appearance and development of diseases in "experimental".

For the entire period of observations, doctors and geneticists have been able to fix the order of 141 cases of cancer, and 90 cases of heart disease and 71 deaths. Blame became excess fat in the belly area.

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American scientists have proved and published in the printed version of its proceedings, which States that excess fat in the body enable the development of such diseases as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. For example, if two people will be in the same weight, but one of them is fat accumulation in the abdomen, he faces a deadly disease.

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