The ants will help in the creation of a new generation of antibiotics

Science has long established the presence of antimicrobial compounds in some species of ants. Recently, scientists carried out a new qualifying studies, examining 20 species of these insects. Only 12 were found to be effective antimicrobial compounds. In the bodies of other desired substances were absent.

The work was conducted by specialists of the University of North Carolina, and published the results in the pages of the Deccan Chronicle.

For the collection of compounds in the bodies of ants was used with a special solvent which is then injected into the bacterial suspension. The researchers observed changes in the number of microorganisms in solution and in the control group, comparing performance. The decrease in the number of bacteria in the reagent indicative of the effectiveness of its work.

As a result, the strong antimicrobial compounds have been detected in ants of the species Solenopsis molesta. About 40% participated in the experiment, the insects did not contain the desired substances or their compounds interacted with the organisms used in the experiment.

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