The analysis proved the similarity of anorexia and autism

Girls suffering from anorexia there are signs of autism. This conclusion is based on the study by researchers from the Center for the study of autism, University of Cambridge, writes Reuters. This discovery will allow us to better study the problem of this disease and it is better to deal with it.

Girls suffering from anorexia tend to over-systematize and order. This applies to diet, weight, size. When this threshold empathy for others is greatly reduced. There are problems with communication, language area, finding common interests. The same problems have been reported in autism, only in a much more pronounced degree.

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In the survey 66 adolescent girls with anorexia Baron-Cohen compared them with a control group, consisting of 1600 healthy volunteers. It was found that the percentage of variance that are characteristic of autism in a group of girls with anorexia five times higher.

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