The Americans have a new hobby - naked yoga for men

In Park slope (Brooklyn) Naked yoga Studio Space offers the men of our time was quite unusual for us to get rid acquired per day (or week) stress. The basic requirement for clients is the lack of a body of any service and, in fact, customers must be male, writes The Daily Mail. The presence of women in the practice of "naked yoga" is strictly prohibited.

According to the founder of the school Michael gates: "the Absence of any garment on the body allows you to fully accept himself as he really is, to turn away from our own self-centeredness and to properly evaluate your nakedness." The rest of the classes that are offered to men does not differ from the stereotypical training program yoga.

The lack of clothing is also an opportunity for both the teacher and his disciple is far better to comprehend the physiological aspect of the practice of "naked yoga". By the way, a one-hour training costs students $ 200. To any manifestation of processes of male physiology that occur during the practice of "naked yoga" gates urges to be absolutely normal.

"If you present manifestation erection - congratulations. This means you can be sure that you have a healthy reproductive system. However, it should also have respect for others, and hence to answer for their actions," emphasizes Michael gates.

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