The alloy of gold and medications will help doctors to defeat cancer

British experts from the University of Cambridge have created a help of gold and cisplatin. The last matter relates to anticancer drugs. According to scientists, a new connection will help in combating the problem of cancer.

The localization of tumors previously treated with radiation of low power. Next to tumor cells serves alloy of gold and cisplatin. The electrons of gold affect the DNA of cancer cells, triggering their destruction and increasing availability of the drug. As a result, the efficiency of the circuit is higher than traditional therapy against cancer.

Professor mark Veland shares his success, he together with the research group managed to overcome a severe case of cancer and to exclude the possibility of relapse or re-education.

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Note that cancer is a multifactorial disease influenced by genetic factors, lifestyle and environmental factors. Before scientists have proven that daily aspirin reduces the risk of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

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