The aliens are watching planet Earth

From the statements of scientists from Edinburgh (Scotland), it became known that we share the Solar system with alien creatures using a variety of probes and other devices conduct observations of life on planet Earth for several million years.

Researchers using mathematical calculations determined that the alien beings use more advanced technologies than people, therefore he was able to invent a lot of devices, which has made possible access to information not only on our planet, Solar system, and even excessive galaxy. For a large amount of time they watched the human race, and they managed to stay unnoticed, which helped them to acquire information and study us.

In addition to the above, researchers were able to calculate the speed at which we move the alien probes. According to information scientists, this figure is approximately equal to one-tenth the usual speed of light. It is enough in order to fly offline in the vastness of Space, and also to be monitored, provided that the devices are located around the galactic space.

Plan to make contact representatives of other worlds or not is unknown, but scientists have assured that this may happen when one will be able to detect their technique, then people will make the first step to establish contact with the inhabitants of other planets.

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