The air in the European countries takes 9 months of the life of every inhabitant of Europe

More than 80 percent of the inhabitants of Europe are breathing air that is polluted to such an extent that exceeds all the norms. This was reported in its report, the representatives of the European regional office of the world health organization. According to the data presented in the report, such pollution robs every European is almost 9 months of life.

The results of the research the harmful effects of air pollution indicate the need to do more resolute policy of the European countries in this field. The authors of the study, the initiator of which was who found that fine particles, when exposed for a long time, can cause complications during childbirth, atherosclerosis and diseases of the respiratory tract in children.

Also, researchers found that fine particles can cause neurological diseases, diabetes, and disorders of cognitive functions in humans.

The authors of this analysis suggest the leadership of the countries of Europe to develop new standards that will govern the long-term average ozone concentrations, and the world health organization to develop new norms of acceptable content of nitrogen dioxide, which is formed during combustion furnaces heating, electricity production, and most importantly, in the internal combustion engines of vehicles.

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