The age of the father at conception affects the growth and development of the child in the future

Edition of "Rosbalt" reports that genetics from New Zealand proved that the age of the father affects the health of the baby, growth, and genetic predisposition to various diseases.

In General, it was investigated 227 children, whose age was from 3 to 12 years with parents in age from 19 to 52 years. After considering all the results obtained, if the fetus was conceived by a man aged 31 years and older, the child was notable harmony and with further development grew faster than the children of young parents. Another positive advantage is the reduced probability of disease of obesity, because of the Cape body at the birth of a child is initially low.

Among the negative consequences of conceiving at an older age, scientists have identified that the growth and boys and girls significantly increased the level of cholesterol and the concentration of low density lipoprotein. Speaking specifically about the girls, there is a negative reaction to insulin, which increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Prior to this, in the University of Princeton (USA), it was found that the month of conception of the child in the future affect his health. The most unfortunate month for conception is may. According to statistics, during this month, more children are born prematurely, and then when development often suffer from acute respiratory diseases. To ensure that the child was not experienced health problems it is best that he was conceived in the summer. For these children, the immune system stronger.

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