The advantages of bifocal contact lenses

With age, people have vision problems. Often people under a certain age, complain of hyperopia. This pathology is called age-related hyperopia or presbyopia. There is such a pathology is most likely due to the fact that people reading the text, move it further from the eye, so it was clearly visible.

Of course, the solution to this problem is available. For people suffering from age-related presbyopia, there are special bifocal contact lenses. Currently, these lenses are manufactured using modern materials, so that they can be used in different modes of wear.

Bifocal lenses have several advantages. Even in contrast to the points they are much easier, because they can replace two pairs, that is, through such lenses can be almost perfectly to see both far and near.

The principle of operation of bifocal contact lenses quite unique. The bifocal lens is divided into two halves: a large area or as it is called comfort zone, and the segment that is intended to be read. The upper half of these lenses adjusts the sight in the far distance (if necessary), the lower part is at a close distance. The lower part of the lens has a small recess cut. This is done so that when you blink, the lens does not rotate and is not rotated. Between these areas there is a clear border.

Types of bifocal lenses:

• Solid bifocal contact lenses. In such lenses, the person feels my eyes look much sharper than any other lens. Comfort zone solid bifocal lens in the center provides a much better vision at a distance.

• Soft bifocal contact lenses. Compared with hard lenses, soft seem much easier. They are made from soft materials and this is why they are very flexible and malleable. For such lenses are easier to care for. This type of lens is an excellent option for those people who are active in sports and generally lead an active lifestyle.

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Bifocal lenses are one important feature - they need to gradually get used to. The eyes should gradually get used to such a load. And it is also called the load, because the eyes have on the machine to select the correct area that is needed at one time or another. Bifocal lenses are not for every person. Currently bifocal lenses can be called a breakthrough in medicine, because many people are given the unique opportunity to see what they can see without these lenses.

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