The activity of the immune system in children reduce toxins in packaging

The content of chemical compounds in textiles and food packaging is the cause of the malfunction of the immune system of the child. This analysis has been proven that children in the body which in high concentrations were perfluorinated compounds had the worst reaction to the vaccine, reports Reuters.

Philip Grandjean doctor Harvard school of public health notes that with increasing the concentration of these compounds immunity became increasingly lethargic and was unable to resist the onslaught of germs.

According to Dr. Grandjean, from perfluorinated compounds to be rid of. Industry connections are used because they are long and difficult to decompose, and this suggests that they provide the strength. In experiments with animals it was revealed toxicoinfection connections (they contributed to the disruption of the reproductive system and prevented the normal development).

However, scientists are only now talking about the immediate threat and people. In particular, his immunity. After a survey of about 600 children was made this conclusion. After the children were monitored from the day of their birth to the fulfillment of seven days from the moment of birth. It was tracking blood concentrations of perfluorinated compounds and reaction to vaccines against tetanus and diphtheria.

It turned out that increasing concentrations of perfluorooctane sulfonic acids in the mother's blood twice corresponded to 39 percent reduction in the concentrations of antibodies in children aged 5 years to diphtheria. In the blood of children was found a similar dependence.

For example, in children aged 7 years 2 times the highest concentration of compounds was decreased about 50 percent of the indicators of antibodies. Was that after only 2 years after immunization in children had been tested deficiency of antibodies for protection against various infections.

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