The activity of the female brain recognized scientists more efficient

It is known that the size of the male and female brain are different. But, as shown by recent research, conducted by scientists at the University of California, it does not matter. Despite the fact that a woman's brain is smaller male to 8 percent, female uses it more efficiently.

In order to achieve the same with a man of the, the woman will need much less energy and brain cells. Thus, it appears that the female brain works more efficiently. This is due to the fact that men have a greater number of neurons that are responsible for cognitive activities, while women have more connections between the neurons. This feature allows the woman to think much faster, despite the smaller size of the gray matter.

Male intellect above, since the hippocampus much more. But, meanwhile, experts have found that a small hippocampus in women is more suitable for active brain activity.

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Similar findings came after he conducted a study with 45 men and 59 women in the age group from 18 to 27 years. They were able to establish that female representatives are better able to track changes and developments, as well as conduct inductive reasoning. Men have better spatial thinking, but despite this, the activity of the female brain recognized scientists more effective.

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