The activation of protective mechanisms in blood vessels perform compounds in fruits

Researchers from Varvikko University in collaboration with Unilever decided to find out: if it is correct to combine substances from vegetables and fruits, will it improve the health of the heart, blood vessels and protection against type 2 diabetes.

According to Science Daily, the study is based on the following hypothesis: compounds in fruits responsible for activating protective cellular mechanisms in the walls of blood vessels. The result is not only to protect them from damage that causes aging, but inhibition of the development of diabetes. Scientists have spent a lot of time to identify the fruit with the content of the required connections. The result was the prototype product, which will test on human vessels.

If these products will be successful, for their verification will attract a group of volunteers with overweight in middle age. This will be held tracking performance of the vessels and blood sugar levels. Funding this study is estimated at 1.1 million pounds.

Intentions Unilever are bringing to market in the future a series of unique products that provide improved cardiovascular status. According to Professor Paul Tornelli of Varvikko Medical school, if the scientific community and industry will work together will allow testing and verification of connections to the University hospitals Foundation Cоventry & Wаrwickshire Тrusts.

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Special hopes scientists associated with grapes, strawberries and olives. If this work will have a positive outcome, it will be the first time evidence of the direct connection of fruits, vegetables and health of the heart and blood vessels.

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