The ability to eat and not get fat - feature of the structure of human genes

Researchers from America made an amazing discovery in the field of nutrition and genetics. Each met with people who can eat massive amounts of food and not gain weight while a single gram. As it turned out, it is a specific structure of certain genes.

Scientists discovered in the human genome mutation, which increases intracellular metabolism, which allows processing of huge energy mass and don't put the extra nutrients in the form of fat.

The discovery was made during experiments with the worm Caenorhabditis elegans. One group was subjected to the activation of the gene SKN-1, the second group was the control. Worms in the experiment received a large number of calories.

As a result, in the control group, the researchers found signs of obesity worms (the amount of fat increased in 2.5 times). In the group with active gene SKN-1 nothing like this has happened.

Scientists believe that the information obtained will help to better understand the mechanisms of metabolism in the human body. In the future, the opening can become the basis for drug development of a new generation to clear extra pounds.

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