the 10 most important discoveries in medicine over the past year

During the past year continued work on the creation of drugs for incurable diseases, as well as research in the area of the opening of the newest methods of treatment, which until recently was considered hopeless.

For the first time in Belgium were transplanted person. The Belgian was transplanted face from a donor who has recently died. This operation is unique in that the patient was transplanted not only the facial skin, but also some bones of the face.

Turkish doctors also managed to make a breakthrough in the field of transplantation. They made change once the four limbs. The surgery itself lasted more than 20 hours, and it was attended by more than 50 doctors and medical staff.

Pharmaceutical company from Austria opened a new vaccine against the disease. According to the scientists who discovered the vaccine, it has huge potential in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

And scientists from the USA have found a gene responsible for stress disorder after trauma.

Biologists from the Research center in California found superstitio, which is able to destroy all strains of influenza. Thus, we can safely say about the discovery of a universal vaccine against influenza.

Scientists from the University of Florida have found a gene, called the genome of happiness, as it meets the emergence of this sensation in women.

Japanese scientists have developed a special film, which is applied to the teeth to fight tooth decay.

Scientists from Israel have found a new way to treat breast cancer by the method of freezing a malignant tumor.

And Danish pharmacists have found a new drug to combat alcoholism. The drug reduces the number of drink alcohol several times. This drug will be available in 2013 in Europe.

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