Thanks to the mistakes one learns and remembers better information

Alan Castel from the University of California says: hit anything, not even once, in our view it does not necessarily mean that we will be able to remember it. According to his research, there is nothing criminal in that some things remain unnoticed for a person. According Thе Timеs of India, in particular, it often happens with things that are not of importance in everyday life.

Accordingly, a reasonable measure will limit its memory from loading information, which is not significant for a specific individual. For example, in the same building to do the work of 54 people. They were asked about the location of the nearest office of the fire extinguisher. Only 24% of the respondents knew about it.

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After a few months have passed since the first survey, the question was asked again. This time the correct answer was given by all participants. Castel believes that the experiment confirms the importance of any workout. But the errors in this case it is useful, therefore, saying, "Repetition is the mother of learning" absolutely fair.

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