Thanks to IVF in the United States are born to 1.5% of children statistics

The technology of in vitro fertilization is gaining momentum in the United States. For 2013, according to the American community care reproductive technologies, about 1.5% of all babies born were born thanks to IVF.

2013 American doctors conducted 175 thousand procedures of artificial insemination. 63 thousand of them were successful and gave rise to new life. If we compare the results obtained with 2012, you can see a small but noticeable growth.

For women younger than 35 years, the IVF procedure gives a positive result in 40% of cases. Aged 38-40 years, the chance of successful fertilization is 35%, for women over 43 years, they reduced to 21%.

The success of the operation depends on many factors, but the main, according to doctors, are the health and age of the mother.

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