Thalassotherapy in our lives

In one of the sections naturopathy deals with the products of the sea: algae, marine mud with sea water and coastal climate as therapeutic agents for humans. This alternative medicine called thalassotherapy, i.e. the treatment of the sea. Treatment includes modern SPA treatments, using all the gifts of the sea for healing and rejuvenation of the body and skin.

Thalassotherapy came into the modern world from ancient times of the ancient Romans and Carthaginians, who had already experimented with the different procedures in the Roman baths. Everyone has long known that the plasma of human blood almost 92% similar to sea water with the presence of salts and trace elements. Thanks thalassotherapy through the skin and blood flow of the human body replenishes necessary trace elements: iodine, sulfur, potassium, and calcium, vitamins and all minerals that are in sea salt.

Thalassotherapy increases energy, promotes back health and old forms. Procedures achieve the effect in the treatment of joints from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, cropped pain syndromes in the back and limbs. Massage baths and applications of algae and molluscs stimulate circulation and lymph flow, regulate metabolism, the cardiovascular system, get rid of depression, conduct rehabilitation after nerve disorders and stress.

Currently, the popularity of thalassotherapy is gaining momentum. In business and intellectual labor, among politicians, businessmen and actors are appreciated all procedures aimed at the treatment of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, internal organs, muscles and skin, and also obesity.

In thalassotherapy qualified doctors who can prescribe treatments for each person individually. It depends on his actual state of health. Takes into account any ailments and problems, surgery and disease, the presence of acquired diseases, with special sensitivity to the components used in the procedures.

Without conducting a detailed diagnosis, revealing the true state of health are not assigned to treatments at the health centres, especially in the presence of contra-indications: hyperthyroidism and serious heart disorders, asthma, serious skin diseases, tumors, varicose veins, surgery, tachycardia, hypertension and hypotension. Children up to 14-16 years old procedures are not performed.

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