Thailand tourism is recognized as one of the most dangerous areas

In Thailand, according to epidemiologists, is the rapid spread of malaria parasites, are not susceptible to artemisinin (an antimalarial drug). Previously identified drug-resistant strains among scientists panicked. If these carriers of malaria will reach Africa, malaria is able to mow just a huge number of the population, because in this region about 90% of deaths occurring in malaria.

"Improving the resistance to artemisinin for the first time, the parasites were detected in Cambodia in 2006 year. Today, these parasites in many bred on the border with Thailand territories", - writes on the pages of the edition of New Scientist.

Nicholas white - scientist from Mahidol University (Bangkok), together with colleagues carried out an audit 3200 patients clinics that are located in the Western territories border of Thailand and the detection of resistance. Were checked in the following way - the doctors have carried out measurements of the amount of time that is required to reduce the concentration of parasites in the blood of about 50 percent. With artemisinin usually takes about 2 hours.

Today, patients Cambodia it takes about 5.5 hours. Among other things, the parasites have undergone genetic mutation and become many times stronger in comparison with resistant types in other countries. Researchers intend to find a genetic marker with a unique resistance.

But here in the West of Thailand has been increased from 2.6 hours in 2001 year to 3.7 hours in 2010); the Number of infections that have long been suppressed (6.2 hours or more) increased from 0.6 percent to 20 percent. The increase in the number of infections by parasites-resistantly experts, associated in particular with the implementation of a dilute solution of artemisinin.

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