Testosterone causes deviations psychological

Employees of the Australian neurological research center claim that testosterone has some degree of conjugation with the development of schizophrenia. According to experts, testosterone may, to some extent, to be the initiator of mental disorders.

On the other hand, increasing the level of testosterone is associated with an increased value of cognitive performance in men with schizophrenia. According to Professor Cindy Shannon Weickert, the main problem is to determine the role of testosterone: it is positive or negative.

Schizophrenia affects about 1% of the population of the planet Zemli. In most cases, the development of the disease occurs in adolescence. Schizophrenia often suffer from men. According to the results of experiments on rodents have revealed that testosterone increases the sensitivity of the brain to dopamine, which is responsible for feelings of reward and motivation.

Puberty is significant indicators of the production of this hormone. This, in turn, may contribute to increased dopamine activity in the brain that are prone to psychosis and schizophrenia. In addition, it was found that higher concentrations of testosterone in men with schizophrenia, consistent good performance and verbal working memory.

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