Termination of pregnancy (abortion)

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the expiration of 28 weeks, when there came the birth of the fetus. There are several types of abortion: spontaneous, artificial and threatening.Spontaneous abortion can occur when the sexual organs are not yet fully developed or when the mother or the fetus has the disease. The main causes of spontaneous abortion may be a violation of the structure of the egg or sperm (genetic) or external and internal changes of the female body (exogenous). To the internal changes of the female body as a result of dysfunction of the fallopian tubes and placenta. Also can negatively affect the formation of fruit diseases of certain organs (pancreas, thyroid gland, adrenal gland)disease and a variety of vascular diseases.

External factors are infections, which can turn into a chronic disease of the liver and kidneys. Dangerous various damaged parts of the body or tissues, mental illness, and an unexpected stressful situation.

To spontaneous abortions, according to nazdor.ru may be women in the second and subsequent pregnancies in first pregnancy risk of miscarriage is extremely low.

Unwanted pregnancy is a very frequent phenomenon in the 21st century. Even in ancient times people used the "conspiracies", a concoction of various herbs and pointed objects such as needles, knitting needles, etc.,

Now abortion in many countries is punishable by law. But regardless of this, the fact that abortion whatever qualified physician, may cause the woman's body a lot of harm. Very dangerous abortion for pregnant for the first time. This can cause a woman forever may lose the ability to have children.

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When threatened abortion the fetus is not yet died, but the epithelial tissue of the uterus is already broken. In most cases, if you hold the hospitalization of pregnant time, often threatening abortion can be cured. Special attention should be paid to the so-called pregnancy "under threat": often seen in women with serious diseases of the kidneys, liver, lungs, endocrine glands, circulatory or heart disease. Pregnant women who underwent gynecological surgery, before terminating this pregnancy, and have had a miscarriage or premature birth, should be under constant supervision of a medical specialist. Very dangerous for the pregnancy period, when women are menstruating. Better to see a doctor or go to hospital if necessary.

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