Ten years antibiotics lose their effectiveness, scientists believe

British scientists have conducted studies and found that in a short time the antibiotics lose their effectiveness against pathogenic flora. Bacteria form resistant to all new chemicals, and in a short time this may lead scientists to a deadlock.

The main reason is the widespread distribution of antibiotics and antivirals. Doctors prescribe such funds with suspected mild infection. In this case, man overcomes his illness, but his strain of bacteria or virus acquires additional stability. It is worth noting that some infections can be defeated without the participation of antibiotics.

This leads to an increased threat from pathogenic flora. At the moment even to treat uncomplicated infections need antibiotics may last generations, although a few decades ago, this same agent succumbed to ampicillin, one of the most common antibiotics.

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In the end, patients are more likely to experience complications associated with resistant viruses and bacteria to antibacterial and antiviral therapy.

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