Tempting pictures on the packaging can lead to overeating

Manufacturers are not always honest with buyers of food products. This confirms one of the experiments carried out by officers of Cornell University. In total in research took part more than a hundred people, says The Daily Mail.

Volunteers received a beautiful box of mix cake. On the package was a picture of the finished cupcake, covered in frosting. It is clear that there is no glaze in the kit was not included, the developers of the product offered to make your own. Calorie baking is also not reflected in the extra ingredients (chocolate, fruit, glaze).

Subjects were first asked to cut from the finished cake with the glaze a piece for herself. Most chose a fairly large portion. Your appetite many tempered when they learned the truth: the glaze in calorie cupcake is not included. Perhaps when the manufacturers will be more honest, the situation with obesity is slightly improving.

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