Temporary loss of vision increases hearing - experiment

Scientists have developed a new technique to improve the hearing of hearing-impaired people, on the basis of the conducted experiment. It turned out that temporary loss of vision improves auditory analyzer. The findings were made during the experiment on animals. He showed that animals placed in a dark box, better perceived sound of irritation, writes the BBC.

This effect persisted for some time after the return of laboratory mice in a standard environment for them. To prove their theory, the scientists cited the progress and results of the experiment. The mouse was in a dark box had better hearing than the control group that developed under natural light. Animals in the dark better than catching a quiet sound vibrations.

During the experiment, mice were changing the activity of the cerebral cortex, increased work of existing neural connections.

The obtained results can be applied in practice. While scientists can't explain how to create such conditions for a person, while not turning it off from life.

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