Television addiction youth provoke alcoholism

Media companies in the production of television programs increasingly focus on teen TV shows, demonstrates aggressive behavior, alcohol and cigarettes. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, together with researchers from the UK looking for the relationship between television programs and the creation of reactions to alcohol and nicotine in young people.

Between viewing programs that demonstrate the use of alcohol, such as reality shows, and increased alcohol consumption there is a clear link. However, research about how to deal with it, yet not enough.

The project analysis of the impact of TV culture on drinking behaviour called "Alcopop" funded by European Commission programmes. In the framework examines the relationships between television habits of adolescents aged 10 to 25 years. The Central question is the issue of responsibility for the increase in alcohol consumption by adolescents and how media companies and politicians must compensate for the damage. Limitation of any factor provoking alcohol dependence can save money allocated by the state for the treatment of alcoholism.

The hypothesis of the scientists is that the responsibility must be shared. Media companie should bear moral responsibility, but the question of availability of adolescent alcohol entirely for the government. In recent years, the media has a thriving (Internet, social networking, satellite TV, the game industry), and therefore should be strengthened and censorship of new types of mass information. However, age restrictions on the Internet it is extremely difficult to be implemented.

Discussions on finding solutions to occur without participation of young people, the opinion of the adolescents themselves are rarely taken into account when conducting social and scientific research.

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