Telemedicine will give the right of choice of doctor for patients from the provinces

High-tech assistance will allow you to extend the choice for patients far from large settlements. Enough to have at hand the Internet and the lab that performs the collection of the right material and his research.

In many villages there are practically no doctors. Often, these health centres have only one or two General practitioners. One man physically can't be an expert in all fields of medicine. To help the population come soon, telemedicine and tele-communication with the right doctors on the Internet.

At the moment there are many studies of the health status, but not every doctor can to interpret them correctly. After passing the necessary examinations on the spot and sending the data to the specialist, you can get competent advice and recommendations for the correction of treatment.

However, the introduction of telemedicine is associated with certain difficulties. Main – is the lack of quality Internet in rural areas. Questions arise with the storage and protection of information from hacking. Of course, that a number of diseases, especially sharp, with no real examination of non-supply. That is why live contact with the physician – based and telemedicine – a complement to conventional medicine.

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