Telemedicine in Russia became a reality, experts say

The next step was the introduction of "Electronic waybill". Usually drivers before a long trip visiting the doctors. Now this procedure can be passed remotely. The doctor will attend remotely by studying physiological parameters of the driver via the Internet.

"We are confident that with the adoption of the law on tele-health in the first half of 2017, will become a common remote medical examination, held without the physical presence of the physician at the point of control. These deleted items are equipped with modern means of control and surveillance that allows to increase the reliability and make easier testing for alcohol and drugs, pressure measurement, body temperature. The admission of the driver to work can be carried out, for example, a physician using the electronic digital signature, which in turn, makes the paper shipping manifest anachronism", - says Olga Valieva, a member of the group working on the implementation of Internet technologies into everyday life.

More "waybill" will eliminate the possibility illegally to apply for a certificate drivers. A preliminary version of the project will be presented to the court in December 2017. In 2018 the system is scheduled to start in experimental mode.

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