Teenagers stop hurting herself after twenty

Nine out of ten young people causing harm to themselves grow out of the problem by the end of adolescence, according to a study that has proven that self-harm is more of a problem in puberty.

At least one of the 12 young people, according to the researchers, intentionally hurt themselves in adolescence, with girls 60 percent more likely to do this than boys.

But the problem is solved independently in late adolescence approximately 90 percent of cases, despite the fact that many victims do not receive any treatment .

The study showed that while girls are trying to deliberately hurt themselves as boys, just want to experience the thrill of putting yourself in a dangerous position, for example, riding on the cars wires.

Self-mutilation is considered as one of the key indicators of risk of suicide, with 60 percent of the victims of suicide, have experience of harm to themselves, added the researchers.

The researchers found that the self cuts, burns or other physical harm at the age of 14 or 15 to 20 years fizzles.

Professor George Patton of the University of Melbourne, Australia, believes that the problem may be caused by changes in the adolescent brain in the period of transition from childhood to adulthood.

He says: "There are deep biological changes that occur during puberty, and many of them occur on a hormonal background. It is likely that these changes underlie the occurrence of emotional difficulties, in particular adolescent girls".

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