Teenagers spend on the chair and the sofa almost 20 hours a day - study

Scientists from the University of Limerick, headed by Professor Alan Donnelly conducted a study which found: modern teenage girls most of the day spent on the couch or chair. Scientists have attached the sensors activity and filmed with them during the week, writes The Irish Times.

Scientists were quite surprised when I learned that girls spend on the couch to 19 hours per day. A sedentary lifestyle and a minimum amount of physical activity threatening diseases of the cardiovascular system in the future. Doctors have long considered sedentary lifestyle factors the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Only changing your lifestyle, you can achieve positive results, to reduce the likelihood of obesity. As they Mature in the body of a teenager changes occur. Normal operation of the whole systems is impossible without adequate physical activity. Scientists advise carefully monitor the health status and power activity of children.

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