Teenagers refuse to buy the soda warning labels

It seems, found a way to reduce the consumption of sweet drinks among children and adolescents. Enough to start to put on the bottles labels with warnings about the harm. Talking about it data of the experiment with 2000 children aged 12 to 18 years. The results tells the newspaper The Times of India.

The volunteers were asked to choose from several beverages. Some packaging was printed warnings about the dangers to health. Indeed, one small can of soda can contain several tablespoons of sugar, preservatives, dyes and flavors. Other packages such inscriptions were not. 77% of children if possible, make a choice between mineral water and soda in favor of the latter.

Thus, soda and warnings were chosen by approximately 8-16% less. Scientists feel the need to impose restrictions on the sale of overly sweet drinks to children. Of course, the damage from coke and alcohol for the child's body is not comparable. However, for a child, the stake is really harmful, and it needs to know about it.

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